Read a sample of The Life of Isabel Crawford!

Are you curious about the book? With the permission of  Wipf and Stock Publishers, you can now read a sample of The Life of Isabel Crawford. Then click on Look Inside. It’s a generous sample, too, including all the preliminary matter including the introduction and the first chapter. Please let me know how you like it.

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A Remarkable Coincidence: Isabel and Isabella

Whiteley prepub flyer

I asked the marketing coordinator at Wipf and Stock Publishers whether she might be able  to supply me with a pre-publication flyer to take along when I go to the American Society of Church History meeting in Minneapolis on April 16th to present a paper titled “Isabel Crawford among the Kiowa: Contact and Conversions.” She was happy to arrange it, and soon I received the pdf of a flyer. There was just one problem: the picture on it was not of Isabel Crawford! It was of a woman in the late 19th century, and I could use it, because no one else at the meeting would know of the mistake, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Neither did I feel comfortable telling the marketing coordinator about the mistake, but eventually I did. She apologized and promised a revised version if I would send a suitable photo. I did, and very quickly I received the flyer that you see here – and an explanation.

Instead of seeking out the book illustrations I had sent for the press’s use, the design department had gone online and found Isabella Crawford, who lived in Ontario and who was a writer. Thus it was Isabella’s portrait that appeared on the first flyer. But she was not Isabel Crawford, the subject of my biography. But all’s well that ends well, and Isabel now has her rightful place on the flyer, wearing her Indian costume and signing the 23rd Psalm in Plains Indian sign language.