Q&A: How did you learn about Isabel Crawford?

Any time I tell people I tell people a little about Isabel Crawford, their first question is “How did you get interested in her?” They find the story remarkable, and so do I!

Susan Lindley and Eleanor were looking for people to write entries for what was later published as the Westminster Handbook to Women in American Religious History. When I agreed to write, they sent me a list. I recognized most of the women’s names, but I asked, “Who is this Isabel Crawford?” They told me that she was included in a historical dictionary of Baptists. There I found the name of a book Crawford had published. It had recently been reprinted with a new introduction, and the introduction said that Crawford’s papers were in the archives of the American Baptists, in Rochester, New York. That was only about a three-and-a-half hour drive from where I live, and so I started going to Rochester for several days at a time and learning about this fascinating woman.